Dear GenZ, how does it feel to be all alone and undisturbed finally? Not as cool as it seemed. "Tishnagi" is a beautiful Urdu word that highlights our ardent desire to go back to those good old days and stay in those beautiful moments a little longer... Join us as we send out virtual hugs to your people, for we might be alone, but we are still bonded together.

The people I met but never knew
Now, so far away, distant, elusive.

Moments of togetherness are precious few
So, I reach out, again, tentative.

I'm drifting away light as a feather
Can we be alone, yet together?

Glimpses of Taarangana'20


Darshan Raval

The one and only “Raw Star” mesmerized thousands with his soulful melodies and rousing performance.

Bubbling laughter with

Rahul Dua and Sahil Shah

All hail the Achha Aadmi and the king of “Shah”-nanigans! And sit tight or you might ROFL

Electric night vibes with


There’s no better person to charge up the aura than the best electronic music artist in town.

Take your seats for the
final descent