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  • The Road To Miss Diva

    Taarangana in association with Miss India Organization and Times Group presents

    fbb Campus-Princess: Road to Miss Universe India 2017

    Eligibility criteria for the Auditions
    • Profile: The applicant needs to be a student of a recognized educational institution.
    • Nationality:Indian Passport Holder.
    • Age: 18-27.
    • Relationship Status: Single/Unmarried.
    • Dress Code: Black cocktail dress and stilettos.
    • Height: 5'5 and above(Without heels).
    • Email will be sent to all the participants for further process.
    • For any queries email us at campusprincessT17@gmail.com

    Event Coordinators:
    1. Arathi: 9582186989   2. Simran: 9650957468

  • Street Play

    Taarangana in association with Maggi presents

    Aaghaz: Street Play

    Nukkad Natak is the voice that speaks to the common man. Taarangana presents Aaghaz, the street play event that gives you a platform to break the stereotypes and raise your voices against the unjust.

    • The prepared play should concern a social issue.
    • The permissible team limit is 20+2 members and, the duration of the play must not exceed 20+2 minutes.
    • Language(s) spoken may be Hindi and/or English only.
    • There is no restriction on props and the number of instruments used.
    • Use of profane language and crude gestures may result in the disqualification of the team.
    • Use of mics and other electronic instruments is not permitted.
    • Email at aaghaz2017@gmail.com.

    Event Coordinators:
    1. Prerita: 9818910550   2. Saloni: 9654271717

  • Choreography

    Alluring Whisper: Choreography

    Step up in style, dance to a theme, perform to be the star and impress the crowd!

    The short listing of final participants will be done on the basis of the video that is submitted to us before the deadline to alluringwhispers2017@gmail.com

    • Participants: 5(Min), 15(Max) Only one entry per college is allowed. The team should have a theme inculcated in their routine.
    • Time limit is strictly of only 10 minutes including the write-up (curtain to curtain). Folk and classical dance forms are prohibited.
    • Lyrics in the audio track aren't allowed. A short write-up describing the theme may be read before the performance.
    • Use of props is highly discouraged but should be intimated to the coordinator beforehand, if used. Soundtrack (.mp3 file) must be emailed as well as carried in pen drives
    • Backstage support personnel limit: 6. Two members are requested to be present to provide cues for music and lights.
    • Lighting of candles, matches, cigarettes or any fire object on stage will result in direct disqualification.

    Event Cordinators:
    1. Shree: 9810115718     2. Payel: 8826166312

  • Solo Singing

    Taarangana in association with Fever104fm and DI Studios presents

    Anhad: Solo Singing

    Show off your perfect pitches and sing your way into the hearts of the judges and the audiences alike in this singing showdown.

    • Only solo performances are allowed; participants can sing in Hindi or in English and should bring their own instruments.
    • One accompanying instrumentalist is permitted. However, only the vocalist will be judged.
    • Marks will be deducted for exceeding the time limit (doesn't include sound-check time) after which the audio will be cut.
    • Use of profane language is not allowed and will lead to direct disqualification
    • Email: anhad2017@gmail.com
    ROUND 1:
    Participants are required to come with a prepared sequence. Time limit - 2 minutes
    ROUND 2: Chit system
    Short listed candidates will pick a slip which will specify the genre of the song (from a set of genres) that they will be required to sing in the round. Participants will be given a list of songs for which the karaoke and lyrics will be made available. A preparation time of 10 minutes will be given. Time limit: 1:30 minutes

    Event Coordinators:
    1. Nikita: 9873525951   2. Shrishti: 9818235594

  • Group Singing

    Taarangana in association with Maggi and DI Studios presents

    Antraa: Group Singing

    Melodious voices coming together to harmonise and create sounds that resonate in the hearts of many, that's group singing for you.

    • Each team must consist of a minimum of 5 vocalists. There can be, at most, 20 members in a team including the instrumentalists.
    • The teams will not be provided any instruments/accompanists.
    • The competition will consist of only one round (in case of a tie, a tie breaker round will be held, the rules for which, will be informed on the spot).
    • The composition has to be a non-filmy song in any official language. However, fusion is allowed. Self-composition is also allowed.
    • Time limit: 8 minutes + 2 minutes (for setup).
    • During the registration for the event, the teams will be required to name the songs that they will be performing. In case of self-composition(s), lyrics should be mailed at antaraa2017@gmail.com
    • Judgment will be based solely on the quality of music and not on make-up, costume or on- stage actions of the team.

    Event Coordinators:
    1. Aditi: 9971140264   2. Ayushi: 8802027120

  • Battle of the Bands

    Taarangana in association with YUP Card presents

    Knights Of the Fall: Battle of the Bands


    Derek & the Dominoes. Artic Monkeys. Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Queen. Kiss. These great bands, they all started somewhere. Their passion for music drove them to create sounds that had powerful lyrics, great vocals and amazing rhythms. Here's your opportunity be the next name in the list. Take a bow and set the stage on fire, in this band journey!

    • The bands will be short-listed on the basis of a preliminary round for which the teams have to send a video recording of their performance to bobtaarangana2017@gmail.com.
    • Each band will be given 20 minutes (including sound check) to perform. The competing bands should perform at least one original composition in the stipulated time period.
    • The organisers shall provide lead guitar amplifier, bass guitar amplifier, standard 5 piece drum kit (single pedal base), corded mics, any equipments required apart from these shall be arranged for by the band itself.

    Event Coordinators:
    1. Simran: 9650957468   2. Joli: 7838026829

  • Fashion Parade

    Taarangana in association with Sabhyata presents

    Lilac Dreams: Fashion Parade

    Let your imagination run wild and turn outfits into statements in this slice of the fashion world, the ultimate fashion parade, Lilac Dreams!

    • Team limit: 8-15 members + only one backstage help. Time limit: 13 mins (includes 3 mins for stage setup) Points will be deducted for exceeding the time limit.
    • Theme selection is open. Contestants must carry their own costumes, makeup, props and other material. A green room will be provided for changing purpose.
    • Teams will be selected on the basis of their video auditions to be sent on lilacdreams2017@gmail.com.
    • Teams will be judged on the basis of theme, apparel, coordination, theme portrayal and X-factor. Emphasis will be given to clothing, portrayal and originality.
    • Lighting of candles, matches or cigarettes on stage is not allowed and will result in disqualification of the team.
    • The teams are responsible for their own music and sequence. Music is to be submitted an hour before in a CD/Pen Drive (two backups) which should be labelled to avoid ambiguity.
    • Vulgarity/Obscenity in any form will lead to disqualification.

    Event Coordinators:
    1. Shreya: 8527211117   2. Pragya: 9999034558

  • Art Competition

    Taarangana in association with Coding Blocks presents

    Monochrome: Art Competition

    There are three sides to life-the two are fixed:black and white, while the third is what you want it to be. Monochrome is the canvas to reflect this third and unique side of you. Play with these three colours and portray artwork that bedazzles all.

    • Only one colour other than black and white can be used by the participant to create the artwork.
    • Theme will be provided to all the participants on the spot.
    • This event has no prelims and will be held directly in the campus on the day of the fest.
    • This is a solo event (single person as a participant only) and, NO team efforts are allowed.
    • Time provided to all the participants to complete their artwork will be three hours ONLY.
    • Use of any external resources (for example: internet, notes, books) for inspiration is strictly prohibited.
    • Participants are requested to bring their own material to enhance their artwork.
    • The verdict passed by the Judges shall be final and binding.
    • Email: monochr2017@gmail.com

    Event Coordinators:
    1. Joli: 7838026829   2. Nitika: 9971144297

  • Mr & Ms Taarangana

    Taarangana in association with Coding Blocks presents

    Mr & Ms Taarangana

    The search has begun for unmatched talent, dazzling looks, witty brains and a personality to top it all. Come, in your best heels, smartest jackets and wittiest lines to claim your crown.

    • 10 Ladies and 10 Gentlemen will be selected from the online prelims round to participate on the day of the event. Email: mrmstaarangana2017@gmail.com
    • No costumes or props will be provided.
    • For the first round, participants will be asked to walk the ramp with given props.
    • For the second round, the participants will introduce themselves in not more than two-three lines.
    • The third round will be a question - answer round.
    • The introduction will be followed by a talent show round.
    • Any sound track used for this round must be brought in a CD/ Pen Drive. Participants have to ensure that one copy of their track is with the event coordinator and, the other backup copy is present with them.
    • Time limit- 3 minutes. Marks will be deducted in case of a time limit violation.
    • Vulgarity/Obscenity in any form is not allowed.

    Event Coordinators:
    1. Anamika: 9990346890   2. Shivani: 9958631555

  • Creative Writing

    Taarangana in association with Notionpress and Srishti Publishers & Distributors presents

    Quillography: Creative Writing

    Creative writing is the event that allows you to take up any excerpt/paragraph and style it in Victorian English. So, travel through space-time, turn into W.H. Laurences and Jane Austens, wield your pen and turn words into magic.

    • Only one entry is allowed per participant. Send us your original creation which can be prose, poem, play etc. Plagiarism of any form will lead to disqualification.
    • Entries beyond the deadline: 28th January'17 will not be accepted. Participants are requested to mention their Name, Contact Number, Email id, and Institute clearly, when they submit the entry to quillography2k17@gmail.com.
    • The participants shouldn't add drawings, photographs, illustrations to their entry. Formats other than .pdf will be rejected.

    • The theme of the event will be provided to the participants on the spot. All the entries must be in Victorian style Literature.
    • This event is not a team event. Single participants are only allowed. Time limit: 3 hours only.
    • Every participant is requested to limit their entry to 750-1000 words. Use of any external resources (internet, notes, books) for inspiration is strictly prohibited.

    Event Coordinators:
    1. Arathi: 9582186989   2. Shivani: 9958631555

  • Solo Dance

    Taarangana in association with Indofills presents

    Synnove: Solo Dance

    Step up in style, flaunt your moves, battle it out and claim your throne in this heated solo/duet battle.

    • Only solo performances are allowed.
    • There are 2 rounds in the event. The time limit : 2 minutes
    • First Round: Participants may choose their song over which they wish to perform. Music has to be brought in a CD/ Pen Drive.
    • Second Round: This round will be a face off round conducted between participants shortlisted from the first round. Each participant will dance for a minute in the face off.
    • The final result will be declared on the basis of scores secured in the face off.
    • No costumes and props will be provided.
    • Participants have to ensure that one copy of their edited song is with the event coordinator and a backup copy is with them.
    • Email: synnove2017@gmail.com

    Event Coordinators:
    1. Aishwarya: 9555088879   2. Neha: 9716950087

  • Art Competition

    Thread Art: Art Competition

    If you can create masterpieces with strings dipped in vibrant hues and being alive emotions with your work, then this one's for you. Mininal prop of a thread will decide, if you are capable of creating a magnificent marvel.

    • Participants will be required to only use the material provided by the organisers and, using any other element will result in elimination for unfair means.
    • The theme for this event will be provided on the spot.
    • This event has no Prelims and, will be held directly in the campus on the day of the fest.
    • This is a solo event (single person as a participant only) and, NO team efforts are allowed.
    • Time provided to all the participants to complete the task will be three hours ONLY.
    • Use of any external resources (for example: internet, notes, books) for inspiration is strictly prohibited.
    • The verdict passed by the Judges shall be final and binding.
    • Email: threadart2017@gmail.com

    Event Coordinators:
    1. Lakshita: 9650157993   2. Kirti: 9958187074

  • Western Group Dance

    Urban Thump: Western Group Dance

    Whether you are a DID bhakt or religiously follow Dancing With the Stars or your crew is a master of one or jack of all styles, here's inviting all crews to prove themselves in this dance .

    • For video preliminaries, send a video (or video link) of your team's performance to hypnotics.igdtu@gmail.com with subject as [Urban thump][College name]
    • Register before 28 Jan and send the video before 29 Jan. Selected teams will be contacted via mail or phone. Teams must respond within 2 days to confirm their entry.
    • Teams will perform a pre- choreographed piece. Any specific requirements regarding lights and smoke must be discussed with organizers well in advance.
    • Time limit: 8-10 minutes. Exceeding time limit will lead to penalization in marks.
    • On stage limit: 5(minimum), 15 (maximum). Stage setting time : 2 minutes(maximum). Criteria for judgment includes choreography, stage utilization, costume, prop usage, synchronization, energy and expressions.
    • Audio track is to be brought in .mp3 format, in a pen drive or a hard disk and should be submitted during the practice slot. Track should also be emailed beforehand on (mentioned id).
    • Use of water, fire and glass is prohibited.

    Event Coordinators:
    1. Lakshita: 9650157993   2. Garima: 800637393

  • Conventional Debate

    Taarangana in association with Srishti Publishers & Distributors, and Notion Press presents

    War of Words: Conventional Debate

    Brush up your knowledge, prepare the banters because the stage is set. The curtain rises. The game is on!

    • Each team will consist of two speakers; one speaker will speak for the motion, the other against it.
    • The speech should be in English, within the time limit of 3-5 minutes.
    • The speech of a speaker will be followed by one interjection, which can be raised only by the fellow participants.
    • Negative marking will be done if the speaker exceeds his/her time limit while delivering the speech.
    • A bell will be rung after the expiration of 3 minutes and 4.5 minutes. The bell will be rung again at 5 minutes and at regular intervals (of 30 seconds) after that.
    • The participants will be judged on the basis of the content of their speech, grammatical accuracy and the interjections.
    • Email: debate2k17@gmail.com

    Event Coordinators:
    1. Shreya: 8527025055   2. Shreya: 9911117616

Fun Events

  • What do you do when you have a shopping list but no money to buy? You beg, borrow and steal.
  • `

  • All the single ladies, all the single men!No more drunk whining over your redundant singlehood. No more being the awkward third wheel. If you are ready to stop being forever alone, how about try blind dating?!

  • Are you up for a challenge against time to gulp down tons of food? Let the foodie in you free and listen to the freeloader within you. Savour the delicacies as you chase the clock: Eat to Beat.

  • Can you spin the most bizzare yet convincing tale to prove the impossible? When fake trial is at stake and a peculiar case to avouch, lawyer it out.

  • Aim, shoot, dunk the balls into cups and let your opponents gulp the sour drink of defeat (a.k.a soft drink).

  • We bring to you a sweet reminder of those childhood birthday parties. Play the classic donkey's tale game, figure out the head to tail of it while you are blindfolded and win prizes. Could it be any simpler?

  • Sing your hearts out to the beats of the best melodies.Whether you alone believe you are pitch perfect or have friends to testify for it, join us for some Karaoke time.

  • Charged up on red bull, adrenaline and gaming mania. Get, Set and Battle it out in lan gaming.

  • The twists, turns and crossroads will keep you puzzled but can you trace through this maze?

  • Act like you are in a bollywood song and lipsync to the tune of your choice. Impress an audience and win it against your opponent for a prize.

  • A gruesome murder, missing weapons and a suspecting witness. Calling in all Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drews to solve this (fictional) murder.

  • This is a warzone and paint is your weapon. Be a warrior and hit 'em with your best shot.

  • With the power of your memory, beat your opponents at a quiz made just for the YOUth;latest trends, movies,culture and our favourite series - all in! Be wise of'em all, win prizes and have a ball.

  • All your High School Musical dreams are about to come true. Sway to the music with your partner and woo them on the dance floor.

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